Cooking games

Cooking Games for people who love cooking…

Like cooking?!
Keen on testing new recipes, blending incompatible ingredients, taking experiment in your kitchen and other stuff…

Don’t try it out on your close people!
Try it out in some cooking games and you can make your crazy wishes come true without any harm

2 Tasty

A cooking game featuring a romantic storyline

2 Tasty

A cooking game featuring a romantic storyline between the young talented cook Libby and her friend Cole. Players will prepare dishes using recipes that you’ll also be able to follow along with at home to create real dishes in your own kitchen.

2 Tasty blends one part hidden object mayhem, one part on-your-toes cooking expertise, and a heaping spoonful of romance. As the talented young cook, Libby, work alongside your friend, Cole, to prepare a wide range of dishes. Can you remember just which ingredients are needed for each dish, and track down those that are missing? If Cole’s delicious eats leave you hungry, try out his real recipes in your own kitchen! Take part in Cole’s and Libby’s humorous, budding romance and, along the way, discover the zen of cooking with 2 Tasty!

2 Tasty – Try out real recipes in your own kitchen!

2 Tasty game screenshots

2 Tasty game screenshot

2 Tasty game screenshot

Cake Shop 2 game

Open your own café in Cake Shop 2 game!

Cake Shop 2Open up your very own roadside café, and earn money, while treating your customers to delicious fruitcakes with different fillings in Cake Shop 2! Purchase advanced culinary equipment and begin to build your confectionery corporation as your café grows! Quickly serve visitors and use unique upgrades to keep your clientele content, and coming back for more, in this fast-paced Time Management game. Love it? go and start playing Cake Shop 2 now.

Download Cake Shop 2 and enjoy this fast-paced Time Management game!

Cake Shop 2 game screenshots

Cake Shop 2 game screenshot

Cake Shop 2 game screenshot

Cake Shop 2 game trailer

Kitchen Brigade game

Congratulations! You`re a contestant on the hit TV show Kitchen Brigade!

Kitchen Brigade game Let’s play Kitchen Brigade – the latest game from the developers of the Cooking Academy game series. Learn lots of new recipes, cook delicious dishes and have hours of simulation fun with Kitchen Brigade game!
Download and play Kitchen Brigade game

Kitchen Brigade game screenshots

Kitchen Brigade game screenshot

Kitchen Brigade game screenshot

Kitchen Brigade game trailer

Cooking Dash 2: DinerTown Studios game

Learn all aspects of cooking and its business

Cooking Dash 2: DinerTown Studios game Flo’s heading to Hollywood! Flo’s friend Gilda needs help feeding the cast and crew of her TV show. It’s up to you to prepare, cook, assemble and serve the delicious menu items from each TV-themed restaurant. Watch for celebrities, but beware of the short-tempered director who will make sure everyone gets back to work quickly! Can you successfully feed the egos and stomachs of the cast and crew before they walk off the set?
Learn more about Cooking Dash 2: DinerTown Studios game

Burger Shop 2 game

Learn all aspects of cooking and its business

Burger Shop 2 game In Burger Shop 2 you must rebuild your restaurant empire, adding new twists to your menu to entice new customers while uncovering the truth about what happened to your original restaurant chain. Burger Shop 2 features more than 120 different menu items, and instead of just serving burgers and other diner fare, you’ll be offering full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus with things like lasagna, waffles, cereal, and corn on the cob. As well, story mode and expert modes are a whopping 120 levels each, and there will also be Challenge and Relax modes to keep you busy.
Download and play Burger Shop 2 game


Learn all aspects of cooking and its business

Cooking AcademyCooking Academy 2: World Cuisine

Cooking courses. Do you think it’s easy?!

Cooking Academy
Do you have what it takes to become a real Chef? Take a course at Cooking Academy and learn the art of cooking!

Do you want to learn the secrets of eight world cuisines?! Go ahead!

Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine
Become an expert in the world cuisine with Cooking Academy 2! Partake in the Annual World Culinary Workshop and win $1,000,000 to open your own restaurant.

Cooking business. Is it complicated?

Cooking Dash
Are you ready for real cooking? So, play Cooking Dash game and enjoy unlimited fun while managing five restaurants in Diner Town.


More cooking games!

Burger ShopBurger Rush
Burger IslandBurger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient

Burger Shop
Serve up tasty burgers in this great customer service game Burger Shop. Make food and satisfy a variety of customers until you discover the truth behind the mysterious blueprints.

Burger Rush
Help Heidi on her quest to create the perfect burger in Burger Rush! Fill customer orders by matching three or more ingredients on the grill!

Burger Island
Help Patty build the hippest burger joint ever located on deserted Mount Tikikola Beach in Burger Island

Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient
Help Patty Melton and her associate Pierre bring their Burger business up to a high level! Discover new ingredients and create fresh recipes to expand your menu.


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