Uncover the secrets surrounding the mysterious island in The Treasures of Mystery Island 3: The Ghost Ship

The Treasures of Mystery Island 3 The Ghost Ship
Mystics, aliens and ghosts come together in a piping hot adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat! Guide a young woman who’s arrived at a tropical island to visit a friend. Her acquaintance is nowhere to be seen, but there are plenty of ghosts on hand. As you explore lost temples, devastated coastlines and abandoned villages, you’ll uncover a 60-year-old mystery surrounding a shaman and his efforts to save his island. With your wits as your only weapon, you must collect cleverly hidden objects, solve cunning puzzles and help the shaman stop fate in its tracks before a deadly tidal wave rises up from the sea and wipes out his people! Play The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Ghost Ship today!

Download The Treasures of Mystery Island 3: The Ghost Ship and find a friend who has disappeared on a tropical island!

The Treasures of Mystery Island 3 The Ghost Ship Game Features

  • Four massive chapters
  • 60 spine-shivering locations
  • Unlimited hints and tips
  • Interactive tutorial
  • 15 mini-games

The Treasures of Mystery Island 3 The Ghost Ship Game Screenshots

Rescue Team game screenshot

Rescue Team game screenshot


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Rescue Team game for the fans of time management fun

Rescue Team
Control the rescue workers who rebuild three islands in the wake of devastating weather! Remove debris to free trapped workers. Repair damaged restaurants, houses and sawmills to produce resources. And patch up bridges, helicopter pads and boat docks to restore the infrastructure. Then race against the clock to collect gems, put out fires and save stranded swimmers!

Rescue Team is easy to play. In each of the game’s 60 levels, the player simply points and clicks where he or she wants each worker to go next. The challenge is contained in figuring out the quickest way to complete the goals, earning the most money and winning the best trophies. Players who prefer a relaxed experience can finish the levels on their own terms and still progress.

Rescue Team is fun, addictive, and unlike any other game you’ve played, so grab your hard hat and strap on your utility belt!

Download Rescue Team and restore islands in this time management game

Rescue Team Game Features:

  • 60 levels
  • Six bonuses
  • Three islands
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Home repair mini-game

Rescue Team Game Screenshots

Rescue Team game screenshot

Rescue Team game screenshot

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Restore a small farm in Farmscapes game

Help Joe restore his ranch in the brand new game by Playrix! Earn money by selling fresh veggies, juicy fruits, eggs, flowers and honey from his old farm to the townspeople, and spend it on restoring the landholding back to its grandeur and beauty. Breathe in new life into a formerly prosperous farm complete with clucking chickens, mooing cows and buzzing beehives. No need to make this lawn story short – indulge yourself in sun, color and blue summer skies! Get ready for this green-fingered game!

Download Farmscapes and enjoy a mix of multiple game varieties!

Farmscapes Game Features

  • Unique blend of match-3, hidden object and sim
  • Fully interactive and customizable environment
  • Bonus Hidden Object levels
  • Tons of accessories and styles to choose from
  • Witty dialogues and immersive story line
  • Vivid and charismatic characters

Farmscapes Game Screenshots

Farmscapes game screenshot

Farmscapes game screenshot

Farmscapes Game Trailer

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Open and decorate the new stores in Shop it Up! game

Shop it Up
There’s great fun in store in Shop it Up!
It’s the grand opening of the new mall, the customers are already inside, but the mall is not ready! Your skills are needed to open and decorate new shops. Boost profits with dazzling inventory displays and fancy advertisements. As the new boss, you’ll need to meet challenges from the local business leaders. Fun is in the bag…play Shop it Up!

Download Shop it Up! and get customers shopping in this Time Management experience

Shop it Up Game Features

  • Choose and decorate your favorite shops
  • Pick unique products to sell with fancy displays
  • Hire employees and run ads to boost your profits
  • Work your way through 75 levels across eight mall areas

Shop it Up Game Screenshots

Shop it Up game screenshot

Shop it Up game screenshot

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Explore the depths of your mind in Echoes of Sorrow game!

Echoes of Sorrow
As you awaken, short but brief memories of the past start to fill your head, unsure of who you are exactly, you begin to explore your surroundings hoping to find some clues. Suddenly you have one of the biggest headaches you have ever had, but all you can see is a ghost like figure, chasing you down small twisty corridors when you trip and fall.

It turns out that when you fell you banged your head and have a serious case of amnesia! Now you need to start connecting all your memories together, explore your surroundings looking for clues and prompts in Echoes of Sorrow! Who was that ghost? What did it want? most importantly why was it chasing you? Find out now in Echoes of Sorrow!
Download Echoes of Sorrow and explore your memories in this addictive Hidden Object game
Echoes of Sorrow full game features:

  • Explore the depths of your mind!
  • Shake off your amnesia to find out the truth!
  • Find clues as to why you were being chased!
  • Stunning locations and scenes!

Echoes of Sorrow Game Screenshots

Echoes of Sorrow game screenshot

Echoes of Sorrow game screenshot

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Travel back in time in Amanda Rose The Game of Time game

Amanda Rose The Game of Time
Amanda Rose is standing at the crumbling entrance to an abandoned mine. When she steps through the opening and into the darkness beyond, she’ll discover something incredible. Only a few days ago, she watched her father leave their home to go on a secret mission. A few hours later, she was searching the desert site where his plane had crashed for clues to his disappearance. And not long after that, a strange device threw her back in time. She’s helped the citizens of an Old Western town, met a wise Indian chief and made her way to the mine, which serves as the gateway to an amazing secret.

Will you guide Amanda through the breach? Are you brave enough to walk boldly with her into the unknown? There’s only one way to find out: Download the free trial version of Amanda Rose: The Game of Time or purchase the full version to experience the complete adventure!

Download Amanda Rose The Game of Time and explore the unknown in this challenging hidden object game

Amanda Rose The Game of Time Game Features

  • 15 chapters
  • 35 locations
  • 17 mini-games
  • Unlimited hints and tips
  • Interactive tutorial

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Phantasmat game – Discover the dark mystery of a sunken town!

The Drowned Dead Hotel, a lonely forgotten structure leaning from a cliff. Beneath lies a dark and cold lake that used to be a lively town. What secrets are buried at the bottom of the muddy waters? Who are the mysterious inhabitants of the hotel?

After crashing your car in the middle of nowhere, you stumble upon a mysterious town with a shady background. Uncover the secrets of the quiet town that was submerged in a dam accident in Phantasmat! Dive into this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and get to the bottom of this long forgotten tragedy.

Download Phantasmat game and explore the haunted town

Phantasmat Game Features:

  • Dark and engaging mystery to uncover
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • Hour of athmospheric music and fully voiced characters
  • Match-3 or hidden object – you pick how you’d like to play
  • Three game modes to choose

Phantasmat Game Screenshots

Phantasmat game screenshot

Phantasmat game screenshot

Phantasmat Game Trailer

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