Aveyond 4: Gates of Night game

Aveyond 4: Gates of Night game Enjoy Gates of Night game – the fourth installment of the Aveyond series. Help your favourite characters overcome new obstacles in Aveyond 4: Gates of Night game!
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  1. Kristin said

    Am I the only one playing….i need help.

  2. girl4ever said

    not only u;)))

    Got stuck?

  3. Kristin said

    I want to know how to find blue key to the blue treshures.
    I got the ship…and have done some quests

    • Jess said

      the key the blue chests is in the pyree jungle

      • elohopeaa said

        Where in the Pyree Jungle exactly, is the key to the blue chests??

      • amy said

        on the continent with the volcanoes

      • amy said

        head north along the beach till you find a chest

  4. miek said

    I need oil 4 the last key.. I can’t find it!!

    • Loo said

      The oil is in the elf queens chest at her castle. You can get the key in the Pyree in a regular chest along the beach.

  5. Lindie said

    Gosh I wish i could remember how i got the blue chest key, but i feels as tho it was in the dragon mountain. I know it came from one the quests someone asks you to do , but I am not sure which person.. wish i could be of more help , but if you keep helping different ppl you will get the key. I know for sure it isnt from the wine guy.

  6. hasnida said

    not sure how got the keys.just make sure search all the corner.if some know how to get quarter key from orc kingdom please kindly inform me.thats the only one didnt get yet.thanx

    • Ruth said

      You have to buy the quarter key – its fake – from the item/ junk shop in orc village. Then go to the orc castle. You get in, thrown out then go to left and approach guard. You send the guard to sleep with the music box from stormbend. Then dont get seen by the guards and follow corridors and take real key, etc

      • sahara said

        but how we make the guard sleep with music box?
        i’ve already get the music box, but i can’t do anything with that music box.
        when we go to the guard, edward just say “i wish i knew” and then do nothing.
        so how we can make the guard sleep??
        please, help me…

      • Loo said

        You have to get thrown in jail first. Talk to the guard at the door, and he throws you in jail. Rescue Ulf and then go back to the castle and talk to the guard at the servant entrance. Make sure you bought the fake key.

      • keecemja said

        How do i get thrown in jail first. I talk to the gaurd at both the doors and they just say the same thing over and over again.

      • Nami said

        First you need to find the muddy footprints. When you find them you go into the nearby house and take the boots from both rooms. When you get the boots you take them to the investigator, after you talk to him then you go and bother the guards. (once you get out of prision you need to bother the king.)

      • aveyone questioner said

        how to find the muddy footprints? how pls help me

  7. hims said

    stuck how to get dragon scale nd how to reach ghedhare ๐Ÿ˜ฆ help plzzzzzz

    • Loo said

      You find the scale in the dragon area. To reach ghedhare you have to get to nayilth and lose the orb of the light. Then go see the oracle eventually gyledal will show up and take mel but drop his death certificate. Ghedhare is in the catacombes.

  8. Kristin said

    I found the key in the jungle….

  9. Kristin said

    dragon scale is in the tunnels…you have to go to the right of dragons town to get to the tunnels.

  10. Kristin said

    Have anyone open the fairy gate yet..or fixed the watermill??

    • Ruth said

      Yep. You need to search the queens palace to get some oil. Go to the water tower and right hand door, right hand side is the switch which is jammed. The oil loosens it. You need to learn how to swim before doing this quest. I think the orcs teach you that. The orc kingdom is at the top on the right, go to the skills place. Then go back. Once you have learnt how to swim, you explore the water canals, kill the baddies and save the boy. Then go back to the palace. The queen says thanks and opens the door for you

  11. hims said

    well everything done but how to reach ghedhare ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  12. hims said

    exit the hwater tower then re enter u will have the oil can… ๐Ÿ™‚
    nd yeah i have got all the keys nd have also been flown to naylith…. have gone too far in this game

  13. Kristin said

    So how can I fix watermill, it wont let me swim in. I have that skill…

    • Nami said

      To fix the watermill you need to explore the elf queens castle and find the water can.

    • yagami said

      how do you get in the orc castle? to get the quarter key and ther quarter key ih elf casytle?

  14. hims said

    i also dont know i exited that place then after seraching the main city i re enterd (without buying or getting anything) i pulled the lever nd stella nd lydia asked edward to take out the oil can ,,,

  15. hims said

    and he had it that time

  16. Kristin said

    But I try to pull the lever but it is jammed…there is no oil for me there. I must have missed somthing.

    • Une said

      The oil is in one of blue chests in the elf’s queen castle/

  17. linda said


  18. linda said


  19. Kristin said

    Linda: I know… Im stuck at the watertower lever

  20. Kristin said

    ghedhare is in underworld

  21. Kristin said

    LOL the oilcan is in the castel in blue chest

  22. Maggie said

    Does anyone know where the lost library book is?

    • candi said

      its in the statue of the little boy that has been turned to stone in the courtyard..his name is lionel

  23. miek said

    kristen wich castel do you mean? there are so many of them.. srry can you help me out?

  24. miek said

    thx i fond the oil can it is in the venwood castel ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Kristin said

      ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry…But u found it I see…In fairyland u have to be high leveld…it is hard to beat the enemies.

      Same under the watertower…I avoid battle down there

  25. miek said

    how do you get the key from venwood? kristen do you have found the goodie caves they are realy easy fo find. Mabey you can defeat the enemies than easyer! I cxan give you the link if you wont.

    • Kristin said

      Yes please…I would like the goodie caves

  26. miek said

    ok i found it

  27. woolgoddess said

    Ok, so I have the shovel and have found the pile of dirt, but it won’t dig for the CANDY………help!

    • hinatakaname said

      you probably cant dig because you try to dig in that nest xD i did that,too.xD

  28. hims said

    how to get into the underworld r ghedhare???? plzz helppppp

  29. Kristin said

    him: I guess u ned a deth certifekat to get to underworld…

    woolgoddess: Do you have the quest to find candy?

    Maggie: look at the fairy stone statue in venwood town for book

    • woolgoddess said

      Kristen: Yes, in the journal it says return candy to Witchwood.

    • woolgoddess said

      Kristen: I guess I can’t identify a pile of dirt…LOL I THOUGHT it was on that plateau but I found the real pile near the waterfall.

  30. hims said

    my only quests left are dragon scales for the dragon nd the merchant nd also the artifacts for the museum i got 2 cant find more artifacts

  31. hims said

    where is ghedhare?? i mean from where do i will reach ghedhare..or underworld i have gt the death certificate…. …. i completely forgot the way to reach ghedhare or wyrm forest.. plzzzz guide me

  32. Kristin said

    Him: Harburg I think…and then down to the forest and in to the cave…Im so bad at the town names

  33. Kristin said

    Here is some maps from Aveyond 3 that Is useful


  34. Kristin said

    So where is key for red chest…got the key for gate to those.

    • Kristin said

      found it on my own.

      • Brandi said

        Where did you find the key for the red chest? I’ve searched everywhere that I can think of?

    • Loo said

      You have to get the sky garden key from he harp playing nayilth. Then open the gardens and the blue chest. Open it and there is the key for the red chests.
      get a harp strip from the girl in Lenore Chatue.

  35. josh said

    hi..anyone can tell me how to get rid of those pirates in stormbend and how to get the 1st quarter key from the witch?

    • Brie said

      Go to Stormbend and talk to the witch in the inn, she’s at the top level. You might have to go to Witchwood first and make sure that the witches are needing candy. Go to the book store. THEN go to Stormbend, talk to witch, she will give you a shovel and tell you where she buried the candy. Go dig it up, give it to the witches, then take what they give you and go talk to the pirate captains in Stormbend. I think you then go back to Wtichwood and the quarter key is just laying there…. No Hepititus.

  36. Sheri said

    How do you beat the medusa that mesmerized Edward??

    • Kathy said

      Hello, Edward can only hit with a strength of ‘1’ so ignore him and focus on the baddie.

      • Alicia said

        I did what you said and ignored Edward, I even took off all of his equipment, but he still did major damage. Like, in the hundreds. He keeps getting in the way, and they all keep dieing. Do you have any suggestions?[

      • munki said

        I just used Stella’s Sleep spell on him. As long as you don’t hit him, you won’t have to worry about him for the rest of the battle.

      • Jen said

        Edward on my team hits in the thousands… Even when i take away ALL of his stuff. I kept him asleep and paralyzed the whole battle but then he wakes up and kills someone, and even if he doesn’t Medusa still kills me every time. The last time I tried the battle went on for literally 10 minutes and i kept hitting Medusa with hits in the thousands and she just wouldn’t die.. Help. Dx

  37. Master said

    To Sheri:
    well… kill only medussa not both of them or else error well occur… try to cast spell to edward like paralyze or sleep… then poison medussa.. you will have a great advantage fighting medussa to keep edward alive…

  38. Master said

    To: Josh
    well.. ๐Ÿ˜€ try to finish first the quest in witchwood.. i think that all about candy bag quest… then the reward of that quest was fake map… then give the map to the pirates that makes them live to find the treasure in gheledon if im not mistaken..:)

  39. Kristin said

    How do I get deth certificate? please help me

    • Kristin said

      found it in Istir forest after being in Aveyond.

      • manuel Cardoza said

        where in Istir forest or anywhere did you find the death certificate? I’m hopelessly lost without it and where do you find all the keys got the witch key the orc key and the fairy key can’t find the last one

  40. Ruth said

    Can someone tell me where the goodie caves are? I’ve got the stormbend one.

  41. Martha said

    Please help me in finding butterfly wings and glue.

    • Kristin said

      Glue is in wichwood in the item shop

      butterfly wings is in Nylith, you have to by them in a shop.

      • Martha said

        Thank you!!

      • sahara said

        and how we can reach naylith?
        i’ve never go there.
        i don’t know….
        help me, please…

      • Loo said

        Get all the quarter keys. Naylith is the game changer so do everything else first.

  42. Brie said

    Where is the death certificate? And how do you get the Orc guard to fall asleep? I have the music box, but it won’t let me do anything…

  43. Brie said

    Please, I honestly need help. I am officially stuck. I can’t do ANYTHING right now! I need the quarter key that’s in the Orc kingdom! That’s it! Please help! I’ve already been kicked out of the Orc castle, but I can’t figure out what to do next. Help, please!

    • Ruth said

      Go back to the orc castle, and talk to the guard on the little doorway on the left. if this doesn’t work, go back to the police and talk to them – it worked ok after that for me

    • Kathy said

      Hello, you can’t complete this quest without completing the gepetto/glue quest in Stormbend. Give Gepetto the glue, deliver the new toy to a house in the top of the village and the maid will give you the child’s old music box. stand near the guard at the site entrance and Ulf will suggest playing the music box. Oh yes, you have to free Ulf from the prison to complete this as well!

  44. Brie said

    Also, where are the artifacts for the museum? ๐Ÿ˜› I have no idea where to look.

  45. Molly said

    ok this may sound dumb, but im just stuck on the candy quest, where is it?

  46. Brandi said

    Where is the key for the red chests?

  47. Molly said

    i read further up that u have to dig for the candy, where do u find the shovel?

  48. Victoria said

    Help! I am stoned. I fought with the craetures just outside the Orc town and now I am stoned. How do I get back to normal state cause Edward cant fight battles anymore.

    • Ruth said

      You need the skin cream – available from item shops

    • Cb2pints said

      OMG! lmao dont think u have any idea how that sounds…..llf

  49. Himanshu said

    I have completed the whole chapter thrice ๐Ÿ˜€ but still did not get the dragon scale and the artifacts.. well if you want to ask refer my name and ask me all goodie cave i got ..

    • Harry said

      how to kill gyendal i tried about 30 times but cant kill him.please help.the dragon scale is in the mountains near the dragon city inside a cave.i found three artifacts they are:
      1.ancient crown.
      2.broken wand.
      3………………………..i forgot.but something than u cant use or equip.something like the above things

    • Yaya said

      i need help, i can’t find the boy at the water tower

  50. Victoria said

    How do I get the Ister forest. I see the castle on the map but cant find the entrance.I tried the ice cave but didnt work…

    • Adrienne said

      You need to go throw the Merchanery Pass. In there you need to go left.

  51. vicky said

    Where do I learn tightrope.I can see the dragons but I cant walkthrough the rope

  52. Martha said

    I would love to find the harp string. Can anyone help?

    • lisa said

      In chateu lenore, in one of the upper rooms of the house. There is a broken harp.

  53. Adrienne said

    I can’t get the key from the Orc. My musicbox don’t work. I’ve been to the police and went back to the castle en it still won’t work. I don’t know what i have to do now.
    And where can i learn to tightrope?

  54. Adrienne said

    You can learn tightrope in Tar Vedron

  55. Adrienne said

    You must first save ulf the orc from prison, then you can get your musicbox for the guard, you must also have the fake key first before you go in the castle

  56. Sam said

    how do i get out of the orc prison??

    • Ruth said

      you need to push against the far wall. I think to the right of the orc standing still – it leads to a passage out. I think the key to the blue chest is in Venwood – the fairy place – explore the area before going into the village

  57. Sam said

    where do i get the key for the blue chests??

  58. luna said

    i have multiple spots i need help with….1.where do i get a pickaxe to find the gold in the mine and does that get me the golden egg from wert. (Dwarves)
    2.how do i get the library book from the statue that has the guy that was turned to stone?
    3.i had someone put an “X” on my map for 1 of the islands south of moo hatchry how do i get the treasure on the island?
    4.i have to deliver wine to a guy named “tyrus” at the bazaar, and i cant find him i think he was 1 of the prisoners in the jail at orc’s but they were released and i saw them by the place where the boat docks at orcs with hercules going to take them to main land are not there anymore. but i still dont see him at the bazaar? idk what to do
    sry for the multiple stumps im just messed up all over the place in this game ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Adrienne said

      1, The pickaxe is in the mine. That doesn’t get you the egg, you need to do something else for that. Don’t remember what anymore.
      2 You need to go to the library first, then talk to the girl that looks like Lydia.
      Than you can get the book.
      3 For the treasure you need to go to the island and walk to the tree who stands alone in the middle.

      • Lyn said

        You need to get the fake treasure map and give it to the pirates. Once you do that they will go to the mine and when you go there next time they will dig into it and you can let Wert know where the mine is. Then you can take the egg. If you go to Moo Hatchery you can hatch a golden goose.

  59. luna said

    oh darn 1 more thing what are the answer’s to the 10 questions at the casino in the underworld? i think thats all lol

    • Angie said

      The sky is really red
      Kittens are the root of evil
      For manners, ask a pirate
      To impress a woman, give her a rat
      To cure sleepiness, drink milk
      Fastest land animal is a turtle
      In combat use a stick
      The world’s created by chickens
      To lose weight, eat cheese
      To win battles, play dead

      • hinatakaname said

        Barnaby’s book of misquotations?xD

  60. natty said

    where’s the Naylith Summit?

  61. sahara said

    and how we can save ulf from the prison??
    i’ve gone to his brother house, and see 2 boots. but, i can’t take it.
    so, how we can prove to the investigator??

    • Mavic said

      You have to go to the “crime seen”… talk to the guard there, he will tell you that something like it had been raining that night, and then notice the shoe prints… try again to pick the shoes and go to the investigator… hope this helps…

  62. Victoria said

    Saving Ulf-u need to go outside the house where there is a mark on the floor of the corpse. Right there there is a muddy area. U need to find the footprints there and then take the boots and bring them to the investigator.The night of the murder was raining.Muddy boots proves who actually committed the murder

  63. Victoria said

    Where is Tar Vedron

    • Adrienne said

      If you look at your map you see the island It says: Tar Verdon. Just under the mainland

  64. Amanda said

    Hey, can someone help me? I want to know where the goodie caves are! Please reply.

    • Adrienne said

      the goodie caves are: 1 Shadow woods north
      2 Thail Mountains North
      3 Thail mountains south
      4 Brightwood forrest
      5 Stormbend

  65. sahara said

    where is the key for red chest?

    • Angie said

      You have to get a harp string for the Naylithian gal (can’t remember her name), then she gives you a key to that sky garden in the north part of Naylith and it’s at the end of the maze.

  66. deea said

    scale dragon u can find it from the dragon town where are the caves but u must know how to walk tighrope.

  67. deea said

    if u wanna save
    Ulf u must get in jail next to him after u took the boots and the proves to judge and he sais he wont realise him.
    after u go back to castle, and after u talk with the king u try to to enter again to castle and the guard will through u in jail after that u can fin a tunel on the wall from the jail and realise ulf
    go back to the castle in orc town and go to the back door, and ulf will help u with the guard and music box….

  68. Angela said

    Make sure you level up as much as possible before you fight the brother.

    • Jadar said

      I feel like I pretty strong, but the brother just wastes me. What levels do I need to be? What works against the guy? I tried death scrolls, but they do nothing. Normal attacks seem worthless.

      • Loo said

        Have Lydia and Ulf in the party. Have Lydia cast the swarm spell. BTW make sure she levels caring the different books. It is the swarm spell that does the most damage. Then just keep healing and whacking as you can. Ulf is hardest to damage so it is go to have him fight this battle.

    • Skocsh said

      How do i get the brother to fight me?? he just keep saying that he will beat Ulf if he’s not leaving

  69. Angela said

    Naylith Summit is past Gheledon. Go through there and walk around till you find a large bird cage.

  70. Adrienne said

    Don’t buy the flowers and the other thing by the Orcs. You can’t marry mel or lydia then. You have to marry an orc if you do.

    Does anyone know where you can download aveyond the last orb. That is the next one.

    • girl4ever said

      Aveyond: The Lost Orb will be released only in November 2009, so u’re to wait only 3 months;)

      • Adrienne said

        Thank you, We’re almost there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Adrienne said

    The blue chest key is in Phyree Jungle

  72. vicky said

    How do I go to Istir Kingdom

  73. vicky said

    PS; Its not through merchanery pass.So how do I get to Ister Kingdom

    • Jadar said

      farther north, in the snowy region. You have to ice skate to get in.

      • sayo said

        how to get ice skate?

    • Adrienne said

      you’re right, sorry for that

  74. Angie said

    Does anybody have a good strategy for defeating Gyendal at the end? I thought maybe I’d have to kill Stella, but that’s not working.

    • D14NA said

      first attack Gyendal using the weevil scroll, will be good if both Stela and Gyendal get weeviled.
      the scroll will automatically reduce their stamina while you attack Gyendal using normal attacks.

  75. Adrienne said

    Throw 1 spideregg to them and then keep on attacking Gyendal. You’ll see what happens then.

    • Jadar said

      where did you get a spider egg. I’ve been everywhere in the spider cave. Didn’t see anything there.

  76. Adrienne said

    You hatch that in Moo Hatchery. When you give the witch the spidernest se gives you a egg or spider. And then you can hatch that in Moo Hatchery.

    • Jadar said

      OK, but then I need the spidernest. Where is that? Is that somewhere in the spidercave. I was surprised that I could not find anything to take or do there other than to kill the small spiders. I poked round the large spiderweb deep in the cave, but got no reactio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Skocsh said

        I think you only can get the spider nest in LoT, so if you didnt get the nest and gave it to the witch in that you cant get spider eggs …

  77. sayo said

    how can i get the ice skate? and how can i find the secret gold cave?

    • Skocsh said

      Ice skate can you learn in Stormbend if i dont remember wrong… and if you mean the gold goodie cave i dont know because i never use them

      • Jadar said

        you said the spider nest was found at LoT. what the heck is that?

  78. sayo said

    tnx! where i can find the lost gold mine of Wert? in Dwarf mines?

    • Skocsh said

      you can find the maps from GoN on the homepage… you will see some pirates in there … just search … not that hard to find

      • Jadar said

        what is GoN?

      • Skocsh said

        Aveyond – Gates of night
        LoT (that you also may have heard) stands for Lord of twillight

  79. Skocsh said

    How do i get Ulfs brother to fight me ?? He just keep saying that he will beat Ulf if we dont leave…

    • Jadar said

      no need to fight ulfs brother. Visit crime scene, look at boot prints, then get boots from ulfs room and brothers room and give to detective.

      Next issue, you say spider nest/spider egg is from Lords of Twilight. I went through that game entirely. Nothing transfered into new game. I still have not spider eggs which is so far suggested as the only way to beat Gyendal. Anyone? Im still looking for help.

      • Skocsh said

        No… i dont mean how to help Ulf, someone said before that you needed to fight Ulfs brother to get the last ancient artifact…
        When you get the quest to help a witch to get a spidernest (because her spider had died) you go to the spiders den and kill the giand spider and get the nest its guarding, after that youll get a spider egg.

  80. carol said

    hi guys i need help.
    1.how do i get the quarter key from elven queen?thats the lat one i need
    2.where s dragon scale????i looked everywhere and i cant find it!
    3.how i get death certifacate?
    4.where are there intreasting artifacts for museam?i havet got any!
    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Jadar said

      do you mean the fairy queen? You need to return her to the throne, change her back from a frog using fairy dust – which you need to find.
      2. There is a dragon scale in the mountains of dragonland – don’t remember that name. Just need to search. It is easy to get lost there.
      3. Gyendal will leave a death certificate after kidnapping Mel in Istar Forest cave
      4. One of the artifacts you get by giving the dragon scale back to a dragon. My first time through, I ended up collecting at least a couple of artifacts without even realizing it. Don’t know where I found them.

      • Rajan said

        Have you found all the artifacts

  81. Jadar said

    I remain stuck. Word above is that you need a spider egg to beat Gyendal in the underworld. Witch whose spider died never gives me a quest. I have repeated returned to try that. No spider nest, no spider egg. So far, word is that no spider egg, no possiblity to beat Gyendal. There has got to be a solution to this. Hoping for help.

    • Ruth said


      I beat him by keep using mortals swarm ( or what its called) – Lydia uses it. Then make sure you have lots of elixir to keep topping them up. Also make sure they all have serpent pendants on – so they don’t get poisoned. Also berserk pendants help.
      The spider nest quest is given to you by a witch in witchwood. In the cave, near the transport thing. She asks you to look for a spider nest – but that may only be in LoT. The spider cave is to the left of witchwood – just wander to the left -no path – and the cave is there. When you beat the large spider, the nest is behind it. EVERY egg you get, take to the hatchery – then you have an endless supply.

  82. Adrienne said

    maybe you can defeat him without the spideregg. Just keep on attacking him. Or you can try it with another egg of spell. Maybe that helps. If you didn’t get the quest to give her the spidernest then i think you can’t get a spideregg.

  83. Ruth said

    Can anyone help me with attraction points? i got to the end and want edward to have a choice. But Mel only got 4, and needs 7. I could try Lydia, i suppose…..

    • Xnera Dass said

      Pretty much if Mel doesn’t get all the attraction points Edward can’t marry her. I played multiple games and had him marry a different one each time.

      • Skocsh said

        I have asked Mel to marry me, then how will she get married ?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  84. Jadar said

    Anyone following this link has seen my trama. I have been able to “defeat” Gyendal without a spider egg. I am not sure the exact combination that made it work, certainly part of it is just the randomnous of attacks. I can state that none of the other eggs are helpful! At the maximum armor and weapons I ended up with, Ulf was most resistant to damage, and very strong.

    I am speculating that part of my problem was that I completed the last installment of the game on a different computer which subsequently died on me. As a result, I was not able to get spider egg. This is a failure in the approach the game writers are taking.

  85. Katie said

    can anyone tell me where to find the fairy dust???

    • Jennifer said

      First you find the magic mushroom for the children who create a portal in town. Go through the portal and look around. It is in that section. Then go back to the portal and it will send you back to the town.

  86. sayo said

    guys there is a lot of caves that is locked. and i can’t open it. and don’t know how?
    is there anything you need to have to break that wood on the cave’s door? if there is something can you tell me where i can find that thing?
    tnx a lot!!

    • Jennifer said

      The Bomb Egg you got in Lord of Twilight needs to be hatched at the farm and then you use the ones that are laid to bomb the entrances. If you used that egg and didn’t hatch it you need to start over. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Adrienne said

        You don’t need the bomb egg to play the game. You can end the game without the locked caves. (so without the bomb eggs)

      • sayo said

        1.and can you tell where is ralph? That need Guntroph family item from catacombs?
        2. Where i can find dragin skull
        3. Where i can find death certificate?
        heh sorry for a lot question’s :-))

    • Adrienne said

      Ralph is ( i think) in the town where you can go to the catacombs (don’t remember the name)

      The death certificate you’ll get after Gyendal takes Mell. He drops it then.

      The dragonscull i don’t remember. Sorry

  87. Katie said

    Where is the Cliff of Rememberance?

    • Jennifer said

      The Cliff of Rememberance is through the north entrance of the Underworld.

      • Katie said

        thank you!

  88. vicky said

    I am in fairy land and looking for mushrooms.Where or how am I supposed to find them.

    • Xnera Dass said

      It’s in the Mirror Caverns where you fight the Succubus. It’s up to the right.

      • hinatakaname said

        u mean down to the right.

  89. vicky said

    Help. I cant find Stella.

    • Adrienne said

      She’s in a cave in the snowy region Where you have to know how to ice skate.

  90. Rajan said

    How do we get the 4 Artifacts for the museum in Thias. I have found 3 things. but i couldnt get the fourth one?
    And what are the cross marks in the world map near to Witch wood and near orc land?

    • Xnera Dass said

      The four artifacts are

      1. Ancient Crown – you get it from Baal, the dragon who is missing the scale, when you return his scale,

      2. Broken wand – in the Orc town when you vote for Bragh (not sure I spelled that right, the one on the left) to win the beauty contest.

      3. Golden Frog – in the cave with the pirate ghost, on an island. You can get the girl in Tar Vederon to put an X on your world map that shows you which one. It is the one with one tree all by itself. If you go up towards the tree at the foot of the trunk and click or press enter/ space bar there will be a hole in the ground.

      4. Ancient symbol – in the catacombs south of Harburg. When you go in it is kinda off to the right in a blue chest.

  91. Kidamei said

    can someone pls tell me how to get to orc village … ive been up, down and all around and I think ive gone cross-eyed twice (don’t remember cz i got a headache after that) but I would like to finish this game.


    • Adrienne said

      you can only get there with a boat.

  92. cardi said

    Ancient crown – somewere?
    Broken wand – beutycontest in orc city
    Golden frog – tresuremap in Tar Verdron

  93. monkeybum said

    how do i learn to ice skate? help?

  94. Adrienne said

    you learn that in Stormbend

    • monkeybum said

      thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. vicky said

    By the end of the game how to beat Gyendal, the vampire?It looks like whatever I do its not working since stella is doing major healing on his side

    • Adrienne said

      You have to attack only Gyendal not Stella. Only him and then you’ll see what happens

  96. elohopeaa said

    Where exactly in Pyree Jungle can I find the key to the blue chests?! I’m stuck without it!

    • Xnera Dass said

      There is a chest or a bag near the entrance of the jungle with a Treasure Key in it.

  97. lori said

    how do i get grayndel to take mel? i am so darn stuck!!! plz help me !

    • Xnera Dass said

      That happens when you find Stella in Ishtir forest after you visit Aveyond after finding the Orb of Light.

  98. Maria said

    i beat the game twice now first time i did buy the flowers and the song from the orc. second time i didnt and edward still had to marry a orc in the end… somebody know why? plz help

    • Xnera Dass said

      Edward has to propose to one of the other characters. You go to the house that you can buy from Remraldt, in Thias. You have to go to the Characters Menu and make Edward the leader when you are there and have him talk to the one you want him to marry. Also you have to have enough attraction points, which you can check in the girls’ Character Profiles. I got Mel to marry him at 7, and Lydia at 4 and I don’t even remember with Stella. I think for Mel to marry him you have to go back to Lord of Twilight and make sure Edward is wooing Mel.

      It took me a few times to figure that one out, too.

      • Maria said

        thx a lot;)

      • Gaby said

        how du i get edward to wooing mel?

  99. Rhonda Bullard said

    I am having trouble in Orc. I have talked to Investigator & guy at house. It won’t let me pick up boots. I read somewhere that I have to talk to Ulf first. I have searched & talked to everyone in village (I think) and can’t find Ulf anywhere. After I freed Hercules I went back to the jail, but no one else was there. Can anyone tell me where to find Ulf to talk to first? Any assistance would be MOST greatful! Thanks, Rhonda

    • Adrienne said

      putside the house there are footprints. You have to see them first and then you can pick up the boots

    • Xnera Dass said

      Ulf is in the prison, it’s actually on the island on the World Map, just outside of where the Orc village is.

  100. aqua said

    i am sooo confused. how do i get the first quarter key and find the lost gold mine. plz help me. if possible maybe give me a cheat. idk. i am just sooo confused and frustrated

    • Lattho said

      ok so i just started the game and was told to get the quarter keys….where do i go from here?????

      • Xnera Dass said

        If you leave Thias and head South West eventually you will reach a spot where there is a bridge heading north. Follow that path and it will take you to Red Rock Pass, and Sinoa Plains. From there you will be going back and forth between Stormbend and Witchwood at least for starters. Thata should at least get you off to a good start.

    • Adrienne said

      the lost gold mine is in the mine. You have to give the pirate the fake treasure map before you can get to the lost goldmine

  101. cherny said

    Pls, help me. How can i find sapphire for Hakkar.
    And save Hercules.

    Thank you.

    • Xnera Dass said

      I’m not sure, but I think you get the Sapphire from the prequel, Lord of Twilight (LoT).

      To save Hercules you have to talk to him, which I am guessing you have probably done already, then try to open the chest in the upper right corner of the slave cells, where Hercules is. The guard will yell at you and the characters will talk for a while about starting a fight at the Tavern across the street. Walk out of the buliding you are in and go to the nearest door and talk to the Orcs in the bar. Two of them will start fighting and the guard will walk in to watch them fight. Go open the chest in the Slave Quarters, and you will get the key to set them free. Go talk to Hercules, and he will leave along with the rest of the slaves.

    • maritut said

      u can also get the sapphire (and other stones also) from Naylith summit (rose garden) when u fight with the flower enemies there.

  102. Saar said

    I know I’m kind off behind on all of you,
    but I don’t understand: How the H*ll are you supposed to get to the
    pile of dirt where you must dig for candy?? It’s completely surrounded by water… am I that stupid???

    • Xnera Dass said

      If you played Lord of Twilight, you should have a canoe that will help you get there. If not, I would guess you have to talk to the guy in Stormbend standing near the pirates. He will sell you the canoe, and once you get rid of the pirates, a ship, too.

  103. AnaLynn said

    Alright, I just got to the part where the orb of light is lost now… how do I get to Aveyond??

  104. Xnera Dass said

    There is a portal in the northern part of Istir Forest. Step on it and it will transport you to Aveyond. There will be another one where you appear in Aveyond, so you can get back to Ishtir Forest.

  105. Nami said

    Where do you find the four ancient artifacts?

    • Xnera Dass said

      The four artifacts are

      1. Ancient Crown โ€“ you get it from Baal, the dragon who is missing the scale, when you return his scale,

      2. Broken wand โ€“ in the Orc town when you vote for Bragh (not sure I spelled that right, the one on the left) to win the beauty contest.

      3. Golden Frog โ€“ in the cave with the pirate ghost, on an island. You can get the girl in Tar Vederon to put an X on your world map that shows you which one. It is the one with one tree all by itself. If you go up towards the tree at the foot of the trunk and click or press enter/ space bar there will be a hole in the ground.

      4. Ancient symbol โ€“ in the catacombs south of Harburg. When you go in it is kinda off to the right in a blue chest.

  106. Tiff said

    I need help. I only got the quater keys from the orc kingdom and the fairy queen, but i don’t know where the others are.

    • Xnera Dass said

      One is with Hepitus the witch in Whitchwood, and the other is in the Dragon Kingdom.

      • Tiff said


  107. keisha said

    ok so when u meet the little migets,and get the climbing taught to you,what do u do next?and how do u find the ice skate teacher?

  108. Xnera Dass said

    Once you’ve learned how to climb, go down in the mines. There are some side quests you can do there. I believe you learn the ice skating in Stormbend.

  109. Kara said

    How do I learn Orc????

    • hinatakaname said

      In Venwood.It’s down to right on the W. map.^^

  110. hinatakaname said

    where can i find the mushroom in the Faery Kingdom?I’ve been up to the right,and down and back in venwood and back there and in Faraia and so on…

  111. Vladi said

    Hi everyone..iam a noob on aveyond gon…can anyone tell me how do I get to stormbrend? its getting on my nervs

    • hinatakaname said

      trough the Merchant pass.But u should start with LoT.It’ll be much more easier,plus u need some things from there.

      • hinatakaname said

        i mean road….you need the merchant pass to get there xD

  112. Steph said

    Aveyond: Gates of night where is Fin the only clue I got was the northern district I’m suppose to deliver a toy to him.

    • Xnera Dass said

      he is the child in one of the houses at the north of Stormbend. He is upstairs. His mom is downstairs and she will brag to you about him if you talk to her.

  113. Alison said

    how do i get out of the orc prison. because i found the big metal thing in the ground and thats it

    • Xnera Dass said

      If you push on the wall on the back of the prison in the right spot (it’s towards the right of the back wall) you will find a secret door.

  114. Dats said

    how can i go to the naylith
    please help!

  115. Xnera Dass said

    From Brightwood Forrest, go north to Istir Forrest and when you reach the sign go east. You find Gheldon, the place where the dwarves live. Go through the village and go east to Naylith Summit. You need 4 quarter keys. If you don’t have them, don’t worry about Naylith. The quarter Keys are with Hepitus the witch, in bogwood, One in the castle in the Orc Kingdom, One you get by fighting the Dragon King in the dragon village, and the other you get by finding the fairy queen in the fairy kingdom.

  116. Sai said

    I need to find stella in the Isthir Forest, but cant find her. what cave entrance should I go in? left entrance middle or right?


  117. Xnera Dass said

    It’s the one in the south, near some stairs

  118. canada pharmacies said

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  119. lee-lee said

    can anyone please tell me the places where can I get the attraction points so that Edward could marry Mel? Help would be mst appreciated

    • Xnera Dass said

      I’m pretty sure you have to get some from the prequel, Lord Of Twilight, but you can get them from the candy in witchwood, someone, anyone selling flowers in various towns, and in Fararia (not sure I spelled that right) there’s someone who will cast a love spell, and in Nyalith there is the guy in the observatory or something., who will name a star after a girl. You have to do all that for Mel anywhere you can.

  120. Minay said

    help! i’v been stuck here for a week… the sceleton guard in the dungon keeps asking me for a death certifacate, but i can’t find it, and i looked everywhere… please help!!!

    • lee-lee said

      the certificate is in Istir forest in the cave where you found Stella

  121. Primrose15 said

    heyy guyss… been playing for a while now, got 3 keys but i dont know were you get the mushroom =\ HELP ! Im Stuck * sigh *

  122. Primrose15 said

    i done the pagiente but i clicked the third orc =\ can i not get the broken wand anymore… and i killed the serpent in the mirror caves but weres the mushroom ?

    • Xnera Dass said

      the mushroom is the little purple thing slightly up and to the left of where the serpent was. To get the wand you have to choose the first orc at the pageant. Bargh, I think her name is.

  123. Primrose15 said

    Got The Mushroom No Worries XD I Must be BLiiNED !!

  124. Primrose15 said

    Guys I Dont Know The Answer To The Pub Quize In The Underworld Any Help ?

    • lee-lee said


  125. B said

    mel and lydia were cursed and i cant cure them with the roots
    what should i do??

    • lee-lee said

      you should try one of stella’s spells. It’s called Cleanse I think. If that doesn’t help then I don’t know what to do

      • Von said

        maybe u equipped them a cursed armor or weapon. try to unequip it.

  126. lexieluvsdancin said

    how do i get the key from the dragn plac?
    plzplzplz help me~

    • lee-lee said

      if you are talking about a quarter key then all you have to do is go to the dragon town and talk with the dragon king. then he’ll ask if you are willing to fight for the key. after defeating him he will give you the quarter key

  127. wassup said

    can someone pls tell me how to defeat gyendal..cause i dont have the spider egg. is there anyway to go back and get it?or is there a way to defeat gyendal without the spideregg?

    • lee-lee said

      if you have an ancient spell book for Lydia you should wait until she learns the spell that’s called some sort of Swarm. then you should put her in your party and cast that spell on Gyendal until it stars taking effect, which means that he will loose energy during every turn. If you don’t have that book, you should buy at least a few weevil scrolls in the underworld and use them on Gyendal (does the same thing as Lydia’s spell). And of course you should have a big ammount of cassia leaves to restore your fallen friends, elixir to restore their health, and it’s the best time to use Tinctura Hypericum or whatever is it called

  128. Adrienne said

    You don’t need the spideregg. Gyendal is not so hard to defeat you’ll find that out yourself

  129. izzy said

    i cant get to the windmill!! how do you get to it . its so hard ive gone around the whole of the forest and cant get to it and i need to get there to find hal right?

    • lee-lee said

      do you have oil for the mechanism?

  130. Joelle said

    Help! Where is the Underworld, I need to get to the cliffs of Remembrance.

    • lee-lee said

      it’s in the crypts south of Harburg.

  131. jason said

    Very extraordinary web.
    The content here is truly helpful.

    I will refer it to my friends.


  132. kendall said

    Where is the fairy dust and the fairy wand? PLEASE HELP!

    • Xnera Dass said

      The wand is in the caves with the evil rabbit things, and to get the fairy dust you have to get the mushroom for the kids in the fairy town and go through the portal.

  133. kendall said

    o and also where are the butterfly wings? PLEASE HELP 8)

    • lee-lee said

      you can buy butterfly wings in naylith

  134. kendall said

    How do you cross the tightropes someone help PLEASE ANYONE!!!

    • adrienne said

      You need to learn that first

  135. frustrated said

    okay so i have the second bottle of wine for someone named tyrus in the bazar but i’ve been in the bazar and talked to every damn person there and there’s no tyrus! please help me!!!!!!

    • adrienne said

      He is really there. I had the same problem and when i left there and did the rest of my task’s and went back, i found him there.

  136. lauradrop said


    It is very nice to come here. It is a great forum

  137. loly said

    which cave in Istir Forest was stella stuck?? any specific clue? bcz I keep on going in the cave may be its still the same cave and i can’t find stella… HELPPP

    • adrienne said

      If i rememer correctly in the lower one.

  138. kia said

    where do you get the harp string from?

    • adrienne said

      From the little girl who needs to learn to play the harp from her mother. Somewhere in one of the first city’s. Don’t remember the name.

  139. anonymous said

    how do we get rid of the pirates and get the pirate ship???

    • adrienne said

      You need to buy a fake treasure map in Orc kingdom. The show that to the pirates and they leave. You need to go after them.

    • olga said

      go to witchwood go in the house with a book sign go in the will need candy go to stormbend go to the in upstairs theres a witch she will give you a shovel go and dig you will find candy go back to witchwood in the house give the candy the witch will give you a fake map and then re enter witchwood get the quarter key and get a candy in the basket for an atraction point then go to stormbend give the map to one of the pirates then buy the ship

  140. adrienne said

    Does anyone know when the lost orb will be release? They said in November but i can’t find it.

    • Xnera Dass said

      February 15th http://www.amaranthia.com … It is killing me to wait for it. I can’t wait!

      • adrienne said

        Thank you. Just a couple of days left then. Finally.

  141. Lady Warrior said

    Does anyone know how to beat the glitter thingies? They kill me everytime!

    • Xnera Dass said

      green warp eggs. Or get weapons from the goodie cave.

  142. adrienne said

    Avoid them. That’s what i did. They are so strong.

  143. stephen mark said

    where do i learn skills like skate in aveyond4?
    i need help, I’m stuck

    • Xnera Dass said

      ice skating can be learned in Stormbend

  144. Mena said

    Hey where can i find hal in aveyond 4? ๐Ÿ˜› i cant find him.

    • Mena said

      I mean where is the waterways to find hal??

      • snsk said

        no one replied yet, and if you’re still lost, i had abit of trouble too. but u just keep going left when ure in the waterways, past the chests. <. with all the monsters. like you know theres mini island or blocks, just go down, and then keep going left. it should pop up soon. i hope this helped lol, if youre still looking, anyhow. ciao.

      • olga said

        go out of the town go down then right

  145. TheBigDog said

    Ola, what’s up amigos? ๐Ÿ™‚
    In first steps it is really good if someone supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
    Thanks and good luck everyone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  146. snsk said

    k so, i went to the goodie cave in stormbend, the one for lydia’s spells. and i did that before getting her to use the spell books… but ive been using the spellbooks, and nothing happens. does that mean the goodie cave gave me all the spells? or do i have to just be more patient x.x

  147. umer said

    hi where can i get the saphire in the istir forest please include details im not that good with searching.thanxs

  148. olga said

    were do i find the weapon goodie cave

  149. PrimaD said

    Where is Hakkar?

  150. kharz said

    where can i find the waterways?

  151. olga said

    the waterways are in the fedir forest when you leave the town go down there you will see a sign post it tells you to go down there go right and then you will see two house’s go in the big one there you will see a leaver go press on the leaver you will need oil go back to the town go in the castle go in the left door go open the chest you will find oil go back to the leaver pull it down then the water will start to flow then you will have to learn how to swim

  152. Linda Cowan said

    i am in the catacombs, i have the death certificate but i cant find entrance to underworld. please help

  153. ambildimpairm said

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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  155. fantasplayer said

    hey, how do you open the red chests in the underworld??

  156. Sarah said

    how can I go to Aveyond??

    Please help me!

  157. Crystal said

    OK I can’t find Stella. I have searched the upper caves three times, and searched the lower cave by the stairs five times. Stella is not in any of the caves. Did anyone else have this problem? Someone please help!

  158. Georgi said

    I can’t beat geydal!How many exparience points do i need?Or what should i do?

  159. Ilham said

    Where is orb of life?

  160. Where will Gyendal take Stella and leave his death certificate?

  161. Somewhere in Istir Forest keep on searching until Gyendal comes

  162. yazoo said

    How can i free mel from the prison? she was thrown in it by the guard.. and i dont know how to save ulf and mel.. please help

    • Ginger said

      Look in the upper right corner and press Space/click. It will tell you that Mel found a secret passage.

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